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Hi there! I’m Ruth, a copywriter and marketing communications specialist based in Melbourne, Australia and proud owner of Purple Chameleon Communications.

Originally from the beautiful home county of Berkshire in the UK, I arrived in Melbourne in January 1999 to bask in sunnier climes and embrace the friendly, laid back lifestyle for which Australia is so renowned.

Before leaving the UK, I spent several years in marketing communications working for publishing, directory advertising and financial services companies.

I was fortunate to travel to many places during my time in publishing including Johannesburg, Athens, Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney to promote Jane’s Information Group yearbooks and electronic products. But my brief time in financial services was not so enjoyable. It Bored. Me. To. Tears.

From the start of my marketing career, colleagues turned to me for help with copywriting because:

a) they preferred to play with design and layoutEcology Icons Watercolor
b) I was a bit of a word nerd
c) writing really just wasn’t their thing.

My Italian boss at Jane’s was a lovely lady but because English wasn’t her first language, she frequently flung me half written sales letters and marketing reports to knock into shape. So my love affair with copywriting began.

I left my full time job in March 2002 to start a family and eight months later enrolled in part time study at Deakin University. Six years on I was awarded a Master of Arts in Professional Communication. A pretty fine achievement given I was a part time mum/housewife/contract worker during that time!

Purple Chameleon Communications was born late 2009 and since then, I’ve helped many businesses with their copywriting and marketing communications projects. Click here to see samples.

An avid animal lover, conservationist, humanitarian and tennis enthusiast I feel passionate about the world we live in and taking steps to conserve our beautiful planet so that our children and future generations are able to enjoy it in years to come. I would love the opportunity to work with NFPs and charities in the animal welfare/conservation/environmental/health care field so if you would like to chat about how my skills and experience can help your organisation, please contact me on 0411 889283 or send your details via the Contact page.

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