So you think you can write? How to avoid simple mistakes in your writing

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We all make mistakes in life, there’s no denying that. I’m not perfect and have been known to drop a few clangers from time to time. Sometimes we’re in too much of a rush to bother checking our work and that’s when the simplest of mistakes fall through the proverbial crack, potentially having a catastrophic impact that either completely changes…

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9 tips to writing catchy headlines

Copywriting Writing Tips

Learning how to write a catchy headline is an important part of any writing process.  A well written, catchy headline acts as an attention grabbing “hook” that engages with your reader and encourages them to read on… And writing catchy headlines isn’t just appropriate for brochures designed to sell a product or service – it is relevant for all your…

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When to use an exclamation mark

Punctuation marks Writing Tips

The exclamation mark or point is used instead of a full stop at the end of a sentence to provide emphasis. It is used more commonly in informal English than in standard or formal writing, hence why you see it more in creative writing and informal communications such as email. You’ll see plenty of  exclamation marks on social media which can be a…

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The importance of sustainable palm oil: a consumer’s perspective

feature articles

I recently attended a Palm Oil Seminar in Melbourne, Australia where speakers representing a cross section of organisations involved in the palm oil industry, including environmental groups, major suppliers and purchasers of palm oil addressed an audience of palm oil buyers and suppliers, brands and NGOs to discuss the risks and options around the use of palm oil in products sold in…

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Why feature article writing is good for the soul

Copywriting feature article writing

Being asked to write a feature article is a great opportunity to showcase your research and writing skills and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on a topic or issue that informs, educates, persuades or simply entertains your readers. Most of my feature article writing experience has been for IHS Jane’s Airport Review, a niche publication aimed at…

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How a good copywriting quote wins business

Copywriting Copywriting quote

Compiling a copywriting quote can be a time consuming experience but one that is important to get right, for both the client and the copywriter. Quoting for copywriting jobs, whether it’s a DL flyer or 10 page website is not always a straight forward exercise and the more complex the job, the longer it takes to write the quote. Sometimes…

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Why you should use an SEO copywriter to write blog posts

Copywriting for websites SEO copywriting Website copywriting writing for websites

If you have a website, chances are you wrote the copy yourself or you outsourced it to a copywriter. Whichever route you chose, part of the process should involve incorporating keywords within your content. These are the words that potential customers enter into a search engine like Google to find your products or services. Choosing the right keywords is an…

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