Tips on writing a successful newsletter

newsletter PR Writing Tips

My PR training has taught me that before writing a newsletter, whether it is for employees or paid subscribers, it is important that it has a purpose and that you are clear on who you are writing for.  A successful newsletter must meet an unmet need in a distinctive way, be distributed so that it gets into the hands of…

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Public Relations: a personal reflection

PR Public Relations

I studied Public Relations as part of my Masters degree and absolutely loved it.  It was the combination of strategic planning and tactical output that attracted me most to the profession; the ability to set goals and find creative ways to achieve them.  One of the key things I learnt is the importance of research in Public Relations and the…

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Junk Mail – open it or throw it away?…

direct mail Marketing

There was an envelope in my postbox yesterday stamped “Water Restrictions” in bold red letters.  That’s all there was on it.  It wasn’t addressed to me and there was no return address anywhere on the envelope.  Normally this type of junk mail goes straight in the recycling bin but I felt compelled to open it and discovered it was from a local plumber…

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Feature Articles

freelance articles freelance writing Writing Tips

I’ve just had an article I wrote published online.  It was only a short one but the entire content was used and it was a great feeling to see my name in print again.  Some feature articles I’ve written took a while to research, write up, check and re-check before being submitted to the publisher and at times they were a non cost effective exercise.  This…

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Welcome to the purple chameleon blog!


Keep checking my blog to discover hints and tips that will improve your marketing communication skills.  I will regularly focus on a new topic to help you produce clear, precise and relevant marketing communication material.  I’ll also spend time reviewing Public Relations and provide tips on making it work for your business.  Be sure to check in next week when I will be discussing a topical…

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