Five steps to defining your target market

Advertising Marketing

Anyone in business knows that it’s just not practical nor realistic to be all things to all people. In order to succeed, your product or service has to be aimed at the right audience to maximise a return on your marketing dollar. That’s when it’s important to clearly define your target market. Whether you sell web design services or manufacture…

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How good is your customer service?

Advertising Customer service Marketing

In addition to being good at copywriting and producing marketing communications that meet my clients needs, I’d like to think that my customer service skills are up there too.  It’s the attention to detail and going that extra mile to give them more than they expect that in my opinion is exceptional customer service.  If I see an opportunity for my clients…

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What distinguishes public relations from marketing?

Advertising Marketing PR Public Relations

Public relations differs from marketing in many ways, although their functions often overlap mainly because both deal with an organisation’s relationships and use similar communication tools to reach the public.  Both have the ultimate purpose of assuring an organisation’s success and economic survival, but each approach this task from slightly different perspectives. Public relations is concerned with building relationships and…

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How to showcase your business

Advertising Marketing PR

Last night I went to an interesting event organised by the great team at MCEI.  The guest speaker was Joe Dorfman from Tradeshow Coach who talked about how businesses can get the best possible results from conferences and expos.  If you put the right strategies in place, customers will come to you rather you having to chase them (wouldn’t that…

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Mobile ad campaigns – will they kill the web?

Advertising Marketing Mobile communication

I recently read two interesting articles discussing the increasing use of mobile phone technology as an advertising medium.  This raised the question:  will mobile ad campaigns kill the web? More Australians carry a 3G mobile device (myself included) than own a fixed broadband connection at home.  And with roughly nine million Australians owning a 3G (mobile broadband) phone, they’re increasingly likely to want to use…

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