Top 6 tips on how to write a blog

Blog writing Copywriting Writing Tips

I recently started some pro bono communications work for a small Melbourne based NFP called Australia for Dolphins. I wrote my first blog post for them which was published today and you can read it by clicking here. Writing blog posts for a third party follows the same principals as writing a blog for your own business; it just takes…

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What is marketing communications and why it’s important to your business

Communications planning Copywriting Marketing communications

When people ask me what I do, I find it hard to answer in just a few words because I do so many things… Aside from being an experienced SEO copywriter (explaining SEO copywriting in a single sentence to a layperson isn’t easy..), I call on my corporate background in marketing to offer clients a range of marketing communications services….

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Why MailChimp is perfect for writing and sending email newsletters

Copywriting e-newsletters email newsletters

I love MailChimp! Not just because it’s free but because it’s perfect for writing and sending email newsletters, is so easy to use and has some great features to create, manage and monitor all your email newsletter campaigns. One of our clients has been using MailChimp for over two years and they’ve been getting a consistently high response rate and…

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Why emotion driven copywriting sells

Copywriting marketing copywriting Writing Tips

Marketing copywriters will tell you that promoting the features and benefits of your product or service is THE most important part of copywriting. Secondary to an attention grabbing headline which is the hook that draws them in and gets them to read. And a clear CTA (Call To Action). But marketing copywriting that converts needs to appeal to more than the…

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Why a copywriter enjoys getting out of the office

Copywriting Marketing

I had a very liberating experience recently. I got to spend 4 hours driving around Melbourne with a photographer shooting buildings for a client. Actually, taking pictures not shooting them… Whilst this may sound dreary to those who live life in the fast lane, to a copywriter and marketing communications person such as moi-meme (who doesn’t get out of the…

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We’ve finished your SEO copywriting project, what happens next?

Copywriting SEO SEO copywriting writing for websites

After we’ve completed an SEO copywriting project for a client, we don’t say “sayonara” and sail off into the sunset.  We lurk in the background and keep an eye on things, because our job isn’t really over. As soon as a client’s website has gone live looking smart and sounding great, the work doesn’t stop there. The search engine friendly…

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How to measure the effectiveness of copywriting

Copywriting SEO SEO copywriting

Copywriting is a crucial component of your marketing material. Whilst a photographer will say that a picture speaks a thousand words, a marketing strategist will say that an image needs words to help promote and sell a product or service. If content is so important, how much time and money should you invest in it? Should you write it yourself…

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