Why MailChimp is perfect for writing and sending email newsletters

Copywriting e-newsletters email newsletters

I love MailChimp! Not just because it’s free but because it’s perfect for writing and sending email newsletters, is so easy to use and has some great features to create, manage and monitor all your email newsletter campaigns. One of our clients has been using MailChimp for over two years and they’ve been getting a consistently high response rate and…

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E-newsletters – why you should have one, Part 1

e-newsletters newsletters

One of the jobs on my “to-do” list is to write the first Purple Chameleon newsletter for 2010.  It’s something I was going to get started on during the Christmas break but the holiday season slowed me down… Why should you have an e-newsletter?  There are a number of reasons why businesses should engage in creating e-newsletters and some useful principals to follow…

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