Copywriting tip: the importance of asking the right questions

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A feature article I wrote for IHS Jane’s Airport Review was published online last week. Before embarking on this 3000-word project, I spent time researching the areas my piece needed to cover. Part of the research time involved forming the right questions which is a crucial part of any writing, including feature articles, and an important process to go through…

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7 steps to great marketing copywriting

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The following 7 steps to great marketing copywriting is a handy checklist to help you produce great copy for all your marketing and business material. Just put your creative writing hat on and let the words flow… Before you start writing anything, set yourself an objective which clearly states what you want your marketing copy to achieve. It could be…

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Why emotion driven copywriting sells

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Marketing copywriters will tell you that promoting the features and benefits of your product or service is THE most important part of copywriting. Secondary to an attention grabbing headline which is the hook that draws them in and gets them to read. And a clear CTA (Call To Action). But marketing copywriting that converts needs to appeal to more than the…

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