How to generate free publicity for your business

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Do you have a story to tell about your business but don’t know if it’s newsworthy enough to get media exposure? Generating free publicity for your business by getting a story published in a newspaper or magazine isn’t as difficult as you think, as long as you’re providing interesting pieces of information that their audience will find useful. Many small business…

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How can a media release help get publicity?

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Media release, news release, press release… They’re different words for the same thing and share the same objective: to generate media exposure. How does a media release do this? By providing journalists with something interesting and newsworthy about your company, product or service. Maybe you’re about to launch a new product that could change people’s lives forever… Perhaps you’ve won…

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What distinguishes public relations from marketing?

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Public relations differs from marketing in many ways, although their functions often overlap mainly because both deal with an organisation’s relationships and use similar communication tools to reach the public.  Both have the ultimate purpose of assuring an organisation’s success and economic survival, but each approach this task from slightly different perspectives. Public relations is concerned with building relationships and…

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Teaching the facebook generation

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Earlier this month, I read an interesting article from Business Week.  It was written by a college professor in the US and discussed the impact that changes in technology have had on marketing and PR students and how, in addition to knowing the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Place Promotion), they also need to demonstrate technical skills that a decade ago…

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My Health Nurse – Purple Chameleon’s latest client

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I’m very excited to be doing some PR work for My Health Nurse – Victoria’s first private nurse led community health clinic.  Jodi Campbell, Registered Nurse, Div 1 is the visionary behind My Health Nurse and Jodi will be opening the doors of her new clinic in Boronia, Victoria on Thursday 15 October. Jodi spent months creating a vision for patient…

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How to showcase your business

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Last night I went to an interesting event organised by the great team at MCEI.  The guest speaker was Joe Dorfman from Tradeshow Coach who talked about how businesses can get the best possible results from conferences and expos.  If you put the right strategies in place, customers will come to you rather you having to chase them (wouldn’t that…

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Wrap up of the 2009 Yonex Australian Open Grand Prix finals

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Yesterday I had a ringside seat at the finals of the 2009 Yonex Australian Open Grand Prix.  It was a great afternoon’s entertainment with some fantastic badminton action and a win for the Aussies (always a bonus) in the Women’s Doubles.  I had my writers hat on and was there to compile match reports for publication on the Badminton Australia website.  This was…

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