Why you should use an SEO copywriter to write blog posts

Copywriting for websites SEO copywriting Website copywriting writing for websites

If you have a website, chances are you wrote the copy yourself or you outsourced it to a copywriter. Whichever route you chose, part of the process should involve incorporating keywords within your content. These are the words that potential customers enter into a search engine like Google to find your products or services. Choosing the right keywords is an…

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How to write great website content

SEO copywriting writing for websites

Before building a brand new website, or updating an existing site, you need to do a bit of research on your business and answer some important questions about your online presence. The results will guide the structure of your site and ensure you create the right impression that will have visitors coming back for more. A fabulous website not only needs…

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We’ve finished your SEO copywriting project, what happens next?

Copywriting SEO SEO copywriting writing for websites

After we’ve completed an SEO copywriting project for a client, we don’t say “sayonara” and sail off into the sunset.  We lurk in the background and keep an eye on things, because our job isn’t really over. As soon as a client’s website has gone live looking smart and sounding great, the work doesn’t stop there. The search engine friendly…

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How to measure the effectiveness of copywriting

Copywriting SEO SEO copywriting

Copywriting is a crucial component of your marketing material. Whilst a photographer will say that a picture speaks a thousand words, a marketing strategist will say that an image needs words to help promote and sell a product or service. If content is so important, how much time and money should you invest in it? Should you write it yourself…

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