How web videos improve your search ranking

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I was recently approached by a video advertising company looking for SEO copywriters for their website products.  The company produces high quality video advertising products that are personalised for their clients in any country, language or culture.  What they do is not rocket science as online videos have been around for some time (YouTube is the most well known video…

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What exactly is copywriting?

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It may seem obvious what a copywriter does but you’d be surprised the number of people who ask me this question at networking events. The Macquarie Dictionary definition of a copywriter is “a writer of copy for advertisements or publicity releases” which is too specific.    Wikipedia has a better, broader definition. Today, a copywriter’s skills extend beyond writing just advertisements and press releases.  Although traditionally…

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Great looking website but no SEO

SEO writing for websites

I recently started working in partnership with a new graphic designer who is so busy with website design work that she’s asked me to do the SEO for her client’s sites.  I’ve achieved great results with SEO and have developed a solid understanding of how a website can achieve a high Google page ranking without it costing a fortune. There are alot of SEO experts out there and I don’t…

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Teaching the facebook generation

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Earlier this month, I read an interesting article from Business Week.  It was written by a college professor in the US and discussed the impact that changes in technology have had on marketing and PR students and how, in addition to knowing the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Place Promotion), they also need to demonstrate technical skills that a decade ago…

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Wrap up of the 2009 Yonex Australian Open Grand Prix finals

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Yesterday I had a ringside seat at the finals of the 2009 Yonex Australian Open Grand Prix.  It was a great afternoon’s entertainment with some fantastic badminton action and a win for the Aussies (always a bonus) in the Women’s Doubles.  I had my writers hat on and was there to compile match reports for publication on the Badminton Australia website.  This was…

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Article Marketing – what’s all the fuss about?

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It seems that everywhere I look, everyone’s talking about article marketing and how it’s a powerful way to grow your business.  I found out more at a recent MCEI workshop and decided to join the article marketing bandwagon.  But what is all the fuss about? In a nutshell, article marketing is a way of getting free publicity for your business.  You write…

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Marketing Communications Budgets – making a little go a long way

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As the end of the 2008-09 financial year approaches, marketing spend is being scrutinized and justifications made on what the marcoms budget should be for the next financial year. Badminton Australia (BA) is about to go through its budget process and is facing some tough decisions on how much it should spend on communications activity.  As a not-for-profit organisation, BA is reliant on government funding – any significant…

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