How to write great direct mail letters

direct mail Writing Tips

I recently started work on a series of direct mail letters promoting a wedding videography business.  They approached me because they felt their copy was dry and boring and lacked that certain something to make it stand out from the crowd.  Whilst the facts were there, the content needed some creative treatment to encourage readers to read the letter and take action.  Not only did…

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Active vs Passive Writing

Writing Tips

It’s been a while since I caught up on some good reading so when the opportunity presented itself on the weekend I grabbed it. My “library” hasn’t been stocked up in ages and I don’t have any recent bestsellers but instead own a collection of travel narratives, cookbooks and crime novels that I rotate every couple of years.  On Sunday,…

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Article Marketing – what’s all the fuss about?

freelance writing Marketing writing for websites Writing Tips

It seems that everywhere I look, everyone’s talking about article marketing and how it’s a powerful way to grow your business.  I found out more at a recent MCEI workshop and decided to join the article marketing bandwagon.  But what is all the fuss about? In a nutshell, article marketing is a way of getting free publicity for your business.  You write…

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Tips on writing for web sites

writing for websites Writing Tips

It may sound obvious, but before putting together a web site, it’s important to answer some basic questions which will help organise your web site.  What is the site’s main purpose?  To sell products?  Provide information to members?  Encourage volunteers? Recruit people?  Is there a secondary purpose, for instance a corporate site like a bank may sell products but also provide information…

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