Why emotion driven copywriting sells

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Begging emoticonMarketing copywriters will tell you that promoting the features and benefits of your product or service is THE most important part of copywriting.

Secondary to an attention grabbing headline which is the hook that draws them in and gets them to read.

And a clear CTA (Call To Action).

But marketing copywriting that converts needs to appeal to more than the logical, fact finding part of the brain.

Whilst features and benefits ARE important, it’s the language you use in your copy that needs to go deeper and appeal to the emotions because emotion driven copywriting is more likely to motivate action.

How do you write copy that will appeal to people’s emotions?

You need to make them feel something.

And to make people feel something you need to make your copy all about them and how your product or service will transform them in some way.

You need to tell your audience how your product or service will change their lives……give them more confidence……make them slimmer, smarter, richer, healthier….

Talk to their ego because ultimately this is what will motivate them to buy and the value they receive will help them to expand and grow how your product or service intends.

So how do you write copy that taps into your reader’s emotions and drives them to take action?

You need to identify the problem or pain they are experiencing and then state how your product or service solves the problem or pain, by using emotional words in your response.

Here’s an example…

You’re developing content for a website that sells weight loss products. What emotions will you be tapping into that will appeal to your target audience and motivate them to buy your product?

Consider the following headlines:-Emoticon giving heart

“Frustrated at being overweight?”

“Worried about the impact on your health?”

“Feeling slow, sluggish and constantly tired due to recent weight gain?”

“Looking to rejuvenate your energy and passion for life?”

In response to the emotions used in each of these sentences (frustrated…worried…sluggish…tired…energy…passion), your response could be:-

Banish your weight worries for good with our 7 day detox diet that not only helps you shed kilos, but restores your energy levels giving you back your zest for life.

This sentence is talking directly to the consumer.

It tells them how their product will solve their weight problem by turning their negative emotions about being overweight (frustrated…worried…sluggish…tired) into a positive experience (shed kilos…restore energy levels….zest for life).

TSpeech bubble emoticonhe next time you need to write copy to promote your products or services, use emotion driven copy because it’s this type of copy that will have the greatest impact and ultimately drive sales.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about the pain points or problems your product or service solves. Use powerful emotions in your copy when addressing these problems and solutions and you’re likely to motivate readers to take action.

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