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I’ve just had an article I wrote published online.  It was only a short one but the entire content was used and it was a great feeling to see my name in print again.  Some feature articles I’ve written took a while to research, write up, check and re-check before being submitted to the publisher and at times they were a non cost effective exercise.  This article, however, was straightforward and I felt approriately rewarded for my efforts.  My freelance writing experience has taught me not to pursue every opportunity to write a feature article.  I’ve learnt to be more selective in what I write about and as long as both myself and the publisher are happy with what I’ve produced, and I’ve been sufficiently financially rewarded for my time and efforts, it’s a win-win situation.  The more knowledgable you are on a particular topic or industry, and the more contacts you have to call on to contribute to your story, the quicker and easier it is to write.  When you’re being paid by the word rather than by the hour, time counts!

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