Good customer service – when did you last get it?

Customer service

When was the last time you experienced good customer service?  And what exactly is customer service?  There are a number of varying definitions around but one of the simplest I’ve come across is from wikipedia that defines customer service as “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.”  Another more modern day definition is “the ability to attract new customers, retain existing ones and service them for life. ”  Keep your customers happy and there’ll be more cash flow for your business.

Exceptional customer service is the feeling a customer gets when they have experienced a product or service that has exceeded their expectation.   When was the last time that happened to you?  Where were you and what were you buying?

As a business, I try to offer exceptional customer service to my clients who are paying me good money in return for a product or service I agreed I would deliver to them. 

In all aspects of my business, communication is the key to delivering good customer service.  Keeping everyone involved and updated on what’s going on during the process of, for example, producing a website is important.  I use third parties for projects like this and do all the project managing to ensure my supplier gets the information they need on time, in order to deliver a product to my client that meets their needs and expectations.  There’s alot of going back and forth but it’s all part of the process.  I’d like to think I go the extra mile to ensure that everyone is happy and enjoys working together to achieve a common goal.

Do you have any good or bad customer service stories to tell?  Why not email them to me  Look forward to receiving them.

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