Great branding = great visuals + great content

Copywriting Marketing

I wrote a blog post a while ago about branding and how important it is in all aspects of your business, including marketing communications, so that you create the right impression.

Your brand is with you all the time: its in your logo, website, brochure, signage – everything to do with your business that is visual reinforces your brand and what it says about you.

But what about the words that are used to describe and promote your business?  Are these also part of your brand?  Should these be any more or less important than the visuals that represent your business brand?

And how do you create a good impression with words?  If getting your branding right means looking good, then the words that accompany any visual need to be:-

  • accurate
  • clear
  • consistent

to enhance it.

Don’t make it difficult to understand the message you are trying to convey.  Use words that enhance and complement your visuals.  Make them “pack a punch” so that combined, the words and visuals that comprise your brand will have the greatest impact and create a professional impression of your business.

Great creative designs combined with accurately, clearly written words about your business used in all your promotions will make your business look good, attract attention and ultimately paying clients.

Branding content inspired by Imageffect.  Words inspired and written by Purple Chameleon Communications.

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