Great looking website but no SEO

SEO writing for websites

I recently started working in partnership with a new graphic designer who is so busy with website design work that she’s asked me to do the SEO for her client’s sites.  I’ve achieved great results with SEO and have developed a solid understanding of how a website can achieve a high Google page ranking without it costing a fortune.

There are alot of SEO experts out there and I don’t claim to be an “expert” in all aspects of SEO.  I don’t specialise in google adwords or pay-per-click advertising, but systematically work through a process to achieve great results with on-page SEO which involves editing your sites pages so that search engines find you when a user is searching a particular topic.  It’s not rocket science but does take time and patience to achieve results.  

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have a great looking website that you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on – if no SEO has been applied it just won’t be found by the search engines.

My SEO process is simple but effective.  I research keywords and identify those that are relevant to your market and that users are likely to enter as a search term.  I write a description and a list of keywords that are incorporated into your page content in a natural way that sounds like a person has written it, not a computer – being a good writer certainly helps with this!  I then write Page Titles and Heading Tags (H1) and regularly review your website to see if it is being found for your target keywords.

It’s simple, cost effective and gets results.  The process can be applied to any website, large or small.  Check out the Services Page on my website for further details.  The prices will be increasing soon so if you need my help, I suggest you get in quick!

If your website is a few years old now and missed out on SEO when it was originally designed, or if you have a new site that isn’t achieving results, email me your details and I’ll give you a brief analysis on how it can be improved.

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