How good is your customer service?

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In addition to being good at copywriting and producing marketing communications that meet my clients needs, I’d like to think that my customer service skills are up there too.  It’s the attention to detail and going that extra mile to give them more than they expect that in my opinion is exceptional customer service.  If I see an opportunity for my clients to promote their business at no cost or low cost, I’m in there because I figure that if it means more business and $’s for them, it could mean more business and $’s for me.

On Friday 15 October, a group of ladies in the Ashwood area held a Girls Night In event at Ashwood College to support awareness of and research into women’s cancers.  I asked two of my clients, Tania from Green Room Interiors and Julie from Style & Grace, if they would like to donate something to the event in return for some free publicity.  Of course Tania and Julie agreed and as a result, their business was promoted to over 100 ladies dressed in pink supporting a very worthy cause.

Whether Tania and Julie get business out of supporting the Girls Night In event I don’t know but I certainly hope so.   But I think that the fact that I asked them if they wanted to be involved and coordinated the handling and promotion of their donations with the organisers at no cost, is going that extra mile.

Of course, I can’t do this sort of thing free of charge all the time or I’d be out of business.  But if I see an opportunity that will benefit my clients, I’m in there. 

One of my newest clients, Unreal Parties in Ashburton, runs children’s parties and sells kids toys.  Anytime I’m talking to a parent at my daughter’s school that is planning a party for their child or knows someone that is, of course I mention Unreal Parties.  It doesn’t cost me a cent  but if it brings in business for my client, it could be good for my business.

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