How to measure the effectiveness of copywriting

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Copywriting is a crucial component of your marketing material.

Whilst a photographer will say that a picture speaks a thousand words, a marketing strategist will say that an image needs words to help promote and sell a product or service.

If content is so important, how much time and money should you invest in it? Should you write it yourself or hire the services of a professional marketing copywriter to do it for you? And how do you know if that investment has paid off?

If you hire an SEO copywriter, for example, you will benefit from the skills of a professional who knows how to write content that appeals to search engines AND visitors to your website. You’ll be able to track results in a number of ways including:-

  • number of page views or unique visits
  • shares on social media
  • number of subscribers to your newsletter
  • number of comments on blog posts
  • enquiries received via email, website or phone

You can quantify the effectiveness of your website, its content and performance using Google Analytics,  a free analysis tool that will enable you to measure sales and conversions on your website. This really useful research tool has become more sophisticated and now has features that include content, social, mobile, conversion and advertising analytics. Click here to find out more.

It’s important to remember that results tracked via the above means will show volume, but not necessarily the value or engagement levels of an audience who has read your content. Ultimately conversion rates, ie the number of potential customers that go on to buy your product or service, are the most useful yardstick to measuring the effectiveness of copywriting.

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