How writing compelling headlines can boost your sales

Copywriting Writing Tips

I recently read a blog post that discussed the 8 habits of conversion-focused copywriters. The article contained some really useful tips for writing engaging headlines, and how a little word called “get” can have such a powerful impact on your conversion rates.  Below is a summary of the content. A link to the full article appears at the end.

1. Write persuasive copy that people will read, but don’t give it all away in the first sentence. Use a hook first that lures them in and makes them want to read on…

2. Write clear headlines that are easily understood and include hooks at the beginning like, “how to…lose weight fast” or “get unlimited use of…at no extra charge”.

3. Write copy that taps into people’s deep seated feelings and really speaks to them on a more personal level and gets them thinking about how the product or service you are promoting will potentially change their life

4.  Write copy that arouses curiosity and gets people thinking. Start with a statement like “Save hundreds of dollars each month on your mortgage” before you introduce the “why” and the “how” of the offer you are making

5.  Write copy that doesn’t oversell or look “cheesy”. Write a compelling headline with a strong sub-heading to encourage readers to read more.

6. Write a call to action using verbs that tells the reader what they will receive. Rather than “sign up today for 30 day free trial”, use “get unlimited access for 30 days” which suggests you will get something for free

7.  Write copy taking into account that people want instant gratification. Don’t tell people what they will receive months later, tell them what they will get now.

8.  Write copy that is believable to gain the trust of your audience. For example, if you are putting testimonials on your website, choose ones that sound authentic and meets the needs of your audience.

Click here to read the entire article from kissmetrics that inspired this blog post.

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