How can a media release help get publicity?

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Media release, news release, press release… They’re different words for the same thing and share the same objective: to generate media exposure.

How does a media release do this?

By providing journalists with something interesting and newsworthy about your company, product or service.

Maybe you’re about to launch a new product that could change people’s lives forever…

Perhaps you’ve won an award which represents a significant achievement for your business, or you’re about to celebrate your 20th year in business…

Have you run a marathon and raised $10,000 for charity…

Get my drift…?

It’s these types of stories that journalists would be very keen to hear about so you need to get your story UNDER THEIR NOSE, because they won’t come knocking on your door.

There’s always a demand for new information and angles for news stories.

All news organizations, whether it’s your local newspaper or industry specific magazine regularly scour media releases to find information to report on.

And because the editor reporting on your media release is considered impartial, your story gains extra credibility that paid advertising simply doesn’t get.

AND writing and distributing a media release is VERY cheap compared to advertising.

How can you not invest in a low cost activity that could bring high returns for your business? Increase visibility? Gain credibility? Maybe GET MORE SALES?

So don’t be shy.  Poke around your business to see if you’ve got a gem of a story to shout about.

For more information on the nuts of bolts of writing a media release, click here.

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