How to keep your creative juices flowing


This week I feel like I’ve been running on a half empty tank.The hand reaches out from big heap of crumpled papers

Actually, I think I stalled completely and struggled to kickstart my internal creative juices that have been sapped dry over the last few weeks.

Shouldn’t complain though.

A period of regular busy-ness is great for the bank balance, but there’s only so long you can sustain it.

Creative juices, the constant need to come up with original ideas and words that are unique, engaging and hit the mark can’t always flow on from one project to the next.

Sometimes you just need to come up for air. Otherwise you’re staring at a blank screen, or one that’s only got 10 words on it and they’re just not quite right. You struggle to find your mojo and meet the promises you made when you were excitedly going through the briefing process on a project that started weeks ago.

Last week, 3 months since the project started, my new website went live. I got a client on page one of Google the day after switching over from her old site. I got a newsletter out on the day I agreed with the client and completed an SEO copywriting job to deadline. And in between I’ve been running around viewing houses to do some creative real estate copywriting.

High fives all around.

But this week, a new SEO copywriting job for my wonderful photography client was on the receiving end of my last few drops of creative juice. Inspiration was seriously lacking – there’s only so many ways I can write “unique and stunning views”Joga in the woods

What all of this has taught me is that sometimes you just need to listen to the creative side of your brain when it’s trying to tell you that it’s running dry and needs a break.

Take the day off, go and eat hot chips on the beach, or sit in the garden and stare into open space. Maybe do some yoga.. Anything that gives your creative juices a moment’s rest before tapping into them for your next project.

And with the weekend approaching, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.