Why MailChimp is perfect for writing and sending email newsletters

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I love MailChimp! Not just because it’s free but because it’s perfect for writing and sending email newsletters, is so easy to use and has some great features to create, manage and monitor all your email newsletter campaigns.

One of our clients has been using MailChimp for over two years and they’ve been getting a consistently high response rate and receiving newsletter image for blog post 30 oct 2014 resizedpositive comments from their subscribers. In fact MailChimp is the only way they regularly communicate with clients, suppliers and staff.

There are many reasons why this works so well for them and why writing and sending email newsletters is so good for business. Here are just a few:-

• You are proactively marketing your products and services by PUSHING information to your target audience rather than relying on your website to PULL them towards you
• It gives you a chance to update your audience on your latest news and developments and promote special offers they will benefit from
• You have the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority on the topics you write about. The more existing and potential clients believe you’re knowledgeable about the products or services you provide, the stronger your business relationship will be.
• A free newsletter filled with useful tips and ideas will instantly create goodwill with your readers who will appreciate you sharing this with them.
• It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website by including links to blog posts and other information on your site.
• Capturing subscriber’s email addresses not only allows you to send them your newsletter but gives you the opportunity to maintain communication with them via email.

We manage the entire process for our client from setting up each campaign, writing copy, adding photos and links, previewing and testing to make sure it all looks good, cleaning up the mailing list and scheduling and reporting on the success of each campaign.

The MailChimp template we use for them is fairly basic but there are lots of features on MailChimp that are worth exploring.

You can:-

• Create detailed subscriber profiles where you can add notes to create more in-depth profiles
• Set up automated emails based on customer behaviour and preferences
• Use the send-time optimisation which recommends the best send time within 24 hours of your selected delivery date, determined by your specific list’s engagement data
• Use the advanced analytics to generate in-depth reports on the success of each campaign
• Plan, send and monitor your campaigns from any device using MailChimp’s fully responsive apps

If you’d like to find out more about how we can write copy for your next email newsletter campaign and use MailChimp to send, manage and monitor the entire process, send us a message on the Contact page.