Make 2013 the Year of Good Copywriting


The start of a new year is the ideal opportunity to make promises to change bad habits. Like thousands of others, I have good intentions to lose weight, exercise three times a week, increase my super contributions, send birthday cards on time, etc. Whilst these are more personal resolutions, the new year is also an ideal time to dust off old habits and put in place new intentions to do things better in your business.

What were your stumbling blocks in 2012? Were there activities you intended to start or do better but just didn’t have time to focus on?

Outsourcing tasks such as copywriting for your marketing communications material (anything from updating web copy to writing a media release), is one activity that you can pass on to free up time to get stuck into your business.  And there are plenty of qualified, experienced copywriters available to take on this type of work.

Sometimes it can be hard to make the decision to ask someone outside your business to promote what you do because you’re so used to doing it yourself. You may also be concerned that others just won’t “get” what you do and it will cost you time and  money to explain this to a stranger..

A good copywriter will understand your concerns. They will take the time to get to know you and your business so that they are in a position to confidently write marketing messages that clearly and accurately communicate what you do.

A good copywriter will also ask you to complete a briefing document. This is a really important tool that should be completed as fully as possible. Take your time with it. Your copywriter would much rather have too much than too little information. And always ask questions if you’re unsure about something or need clarification on what is required.

This advice is based on our years of experience as a copywriter and our experience working for organisations in marketing communications roles. We’re nice, friendly people who know their stuff. Why not take a test drive? If you’d like to discuss anything related to copywriting or marketing in general, give us a call or send a message via our Contact Us form.

Make 2013 the year of good copywriting….and good marketing communications!

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