Marketing copywriting – your strength or weak spot?

Copywriting marketing copywriting

When was the last time you wrote engaging, persuasive marketing copy that really talks to your audience? Copy that is benefit driven with plenty of calls to action.

How do you know it was any good? Did your boss give it a quick skim, tell you how great it is then briskly walk away?

The key to knowing whether your marketing copywriting is any good and has done its job can be measured in more quantified ways than gratuitous comments.

Check Google Analytics. Have you seen a massive peak in page views after some SEO copywriting changes? Did Lápices De Coloresyour Customer Hotline ring constantly from an advertising campaign you wrote the copy for? Maybe you got a HUGE response rate from a direct mailout that, yes, you guessed it, YOU did the marketing copywriting on?

If none of the above happened, it’s not the end of the world but could be a sign that your marketing copywriting skills need a bit of work.

All you need to do is follow some simple guidelines, and with a bit of tweaking here and there, voila, you’ve got it!  You’ve nailed how to write brilliant marketing copy!

This handy checklist will guide you through the process. Print it and refer to it the next time you have to write marketing copy, ticking off each tip as you go along.

Very Useful Marketing Copywriting Checklist

Have you written…

  • an eye catching headline that contains your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?
  • PUNCHY sentences that include your key messages?
  • simple, non techno-babble LANGUAGE that wont bamboozle your audience?
  • in an ENGAGING style that holds the reader’s attention?
  • in a CONVERSATIONAL tone that sounds like you’re talking TO people in an intimate way, not AT them in an intimidating way
  • an ACTIVE not passive voice so your words sing and LIFT off the page?
  • copy that includes some IMAGES to help get your message across?
  • lists in bulletpoint format for EASE of reference?
  • short, evenly spaced paragraphs that give the reader space to BREATHE and absorb what’s in front of them?
  • content that is error-free and has CORRECT spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Remember to ALWAYS proofread your marketing copy, preferably the next day when you can go over it with fresh eyes.

Better still, ask a colleague to read it for you – there’s no costlier mistake than a typo on printed marketing material.

If you need help from a marketing copywriter who has written her fair share of super duper content over the years, give me a call on 0411 889283.

Happy writing!


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