SEO copywriting and marketing communications projects

Here is a portfolio of completed projects which includes SEO copywriting and marketing communications projects, newsletter writing, feature article writing and marketing copywriting for brochures and flyers. Click on the thumbnails below for full project details.

About Imports, a tyre importer and wholesaler operating in Victoria and NSW had a very tired, outdated website desperately in need of a revamp. They were looking for a new website which provided basic information about the company along with a search function and access to a web portal for customers to place orders.  Working alongside a website designer I provided my SEO copywriting services to the About Imports team and project managed development of the new site. The end result is a site that exceeded the client’s expectations. This project was a great one to work on as the client was really clear about what they wanted (and didn’t want!) so the whole process went very smoothly.

The owner of Trainright was seeking a website that was easy to navigate and displayed course information clearly and succinctly, creating a professional and reliable brand experience for visitors. A WordPress site ticked all the boxes and was a cost effective solution for Trainright in terms of design and build and ongoing updating which the business can do themselves.

Julie Goodwin Couture is a classic couturier who designs and makes bespoke ladies clothing from her studio in Albert Park, Melbourne. Julie has been creating gorgeous hand made garments for her clients for over 20 years, with most clients coming from word of mouth. In late 2015 Julie decided it was time for a business re-brand and to launch her business in the digital world extending her appeal to a broader market. Working alongside Fiona from Brand by Name on a new website for Julie, my brief was to write clear, concise copy that described Julie and her services in short, engaging sentences allowing the beautiful images of Julie’s garments to do (most of) the talking. The content has been optimised for search engines with Julie’s site being found by Google within 2 weeks of going live. I was also asked by Julie to plan and write a series of blog posts for her journal which is an ongoing role and to help her write content for invitations to her business re-launch and fashion parade.

Banksia Villages is a community based company located in Broulee on the NSW coast offering residential aged care, community care and self care retirement village living for seniors over 55. Working with Bjarni from BJ2Design my brief was to write copy for a new flyer promoting Banksia’s Community Care Packages which would be used in a mailout and for display at their reception centre.


Palm Oil Investigations (POI) is a volunteer NFP organisation dedicated to educating the public and consumers about the widespread use of palm oil in products on supermarket shelves, and the devastating impact that harvesting palm oil has on the environment and habitat of wildlife living in forests being cleared for palm oil plantations, namely in Indonesia and Borneo. I’ve been volunteering my time to the POI team since Feb 2015 focusing on media and publicity, copywriting and marketing communications. Click here to read a media release promoting POI’s launch of the world’s first palm oil barcode scanner app and here to view the June 2015 newsletter.

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Australia for Dolphins (AFD) is a Melbourne based NFP seeking to stop cruelty to, and gain legal protection for dolphins and small whales. As a passionate animal welfare advocate, I was horrified at the cruelty inflicted on innocent dolphins during Japan’s annual dolphin hunts and felt compelled to use my skills to raise awareness of the plight of these beautiful mammals. I offered my services to the AFD team during Dec 2014 and Jan 2015 and wrote a series of informative and educational blog posts that raise awareness of the issues of dolphin hunting and keeping dolphins in captivity at marine parks such as SeaWorld. Click here to read a post on Life After Seaworld and here to read a post that talks about the pros and cons of swimming with dolphins.

Carmdale is a UK based team of consultants experienced in delivering security consultancy, security training, business coaching and leadership & management training across a wide range of industries. The content on the website needed to be edited and updated which we did following SEO copywriting principles to maximise the chances of the site being found on search engines. All new and edited content is clear and easy to read.


Dean Hales, a talented Melbourne based photographer was expanding his services to include property floorplans and real estate copywriting. He needed a website to promote his new services, make his photography shine and copy to get key messages across. Our SEO copywriting services resulted in the website being found on page one of Google within weeks. We also helped Dean with planning marketing communication campaigns.

Imageffect is a Melbourne based graphic design business specialising in branding and logo design. We’ve worked with the lovely owner, Bree Cleal on a number of copywriting and SEO projects for her clients including Bell Motor Inn, Glenferrie Orthodontics and Darvid’s Pizzeria. Each site has achieved high Google page rankings for their target keywords. Bree was so pleased with our results for her clients that she asked us to give the Imageffect website a copywriting and SEO makeover which we did with pleasure.

Bell Motor Inn
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Darvid’s Pizzeria
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Glenferrie Orthodontics
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Six Star Construction is one of our oldest clients. Over 4 years ago we wrote copy and project managed design work for their new website and company brochure. We were then asked to write and distribute a regular newsletter. They loved our work so much that we now coordinate all their marketing communications activities, managing PR and media assignments as well as project photography and videos.


In a former life before I moved to Melbourne I worked as a Product Marketing Manager at Jane’s in the UK. When I got the opportunity to do some freelance writing for IHS Jane’s Airport Review I jumped at it and have been freelancing for them ever since. My brief is to provide the UK office with news stories and feature articles on the latest news and developments at airports in Australia and New Zealand.

Sample feature articles:

“Australia rises to the investment challenge”, Page 1, Page 2 & Page 3
July 2016, IHS Jane’s Airport Review

“BAC pursues multifaceted strategy”
June 2015, Jane’s Airport Review

“Australia advances biofuel research”
May 2014, Jane’s Airport Review

“Australia strides ahead”
February 2011, Jane’s Airport Review

“Melbourne expands in pursuit of international growth”
October 2010, Jane’s Airport Review

“Sensors help keep noise within limits”
May 2010, Jane’s Airport Review

Chinese Language & Culture Training asked us to do a comprehensive edit (correct spelling, grammar and punctuation) of their brochure, reducing content where necessary and re-writing sections to include more key selling messages. The brochure had been written by a person whose first language was Chinese and even though their English is good, the brochure needed work to improve it and create the right impression.

savewater! Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation that works with member water businesses, government agencies and product companies to deliver water conservation programs throughout Australia. One part of my job involved producing their first e-newsletter which was a proactive way to deliver water saving initiatives, promote competitions and drive traffic to the website. The e-newsletters looked great, read well and drove traffic to the website.

Badminton Australia is a not-for-profit national sports organisation for badminton in Australia. The brief for this contract included website management, copywriting and PR work. Such a refreshing change to be involved in the sport industry.