Feature Article Writing

Feature article writing aims to inform, entertain or persuade readers depending on the subject matter, the publication it is being written for and the target audience.

Our background in publishing means we’ve been exposed to books, magazines and directories in more ways than one.

We’ve promoted them and sold them and know quite a lot about the work behind the scenes to produce them. So sitting on the other side of the fence and actually getting to write for them makes a really nice change.

Our feature article writing service can be on a wide range of topics from beekeeping to bungee jumping, suitable for publishing in an industry magazine, company newsletter or local newspaper, in print or online.pile of of glossy magazines

Unlike news stories which are brief and factual with a short shelf life, feature articles are more in-depth pieces that explore issues on a number of different levels, going beyond the facts and offering opinions, experiences and ideas.

Our experience in writing feature articles has resulted in the publication of several pieces in industry magazines including IHS Jane’s Airport Review, a UK based monthly airport magazine with a circulation of over 11,000, targeted at senior airport officials worldwide.  You can see samples on our Portfolio page.

We’ve also written articles for the savewater! Alliance and Badminton Australia.

We write in a style and format suitable for each publication and would be happy to discuss how our article writing service can help your business get exposure in mainstream media. Or if you’re looking for help writing an article for your company newsletter or magazine, give Ruth a call on 0411 889283 or get in touch via the Contact page

We asked Purple Chameleon Communications to create a brochure and website for our business that accurately describes the services we provide.  Ruth patiently took us through the briefing process to ensure she had all the information she needed for her team to deliver the goods. We are very happy with the end result.”

Robert Kennedy, Six Star Construction