Marketing Copywriting

Pen drawing sketchy arrowsPersuasive, targeted and creative copy is what a marketing copywriter has to come up with on each job…Pen drawing sketchy arrowsPen drawing sketchy arrowsPen drawing sketchy arrows

Marketing copywriting needs to sell or initiate action which can be anything from signing up to a newsletter, requesting a quote or claiming a prize.

And in order to persuade the audience to go from passive to active, you’ve got to grab their attention using powerful, benefit driven headlines and engaging content that tells a story and motivates them to take action.

Your marketing copy needs to be original to make you stand out from the crowd.

Coming up with something original is challenging and that’s where your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) comes into play. It’s an important part of your marketing copy and as soon as you’ve nailed it, your USP needs to feature prominently in all your marketing collateral because it’s your point of difference over the competition.

Your USP plus other benefits of your product or service is what makes a potential customer call your hotline, complete your contact form or send an email, rather than leapfrog to the competition.

Our marketing copywriting services have been used to create content for brochures, flyers, advertisements, sales letters and postcards.Content Marketing Concept

We’ve written marketing copy for print and online including newsletters, emails and websites with great results. Check out our portfolio to discover who we’ve worked for and to view samples of projects.

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Ruth worked to bring together content from different areas of our organization to produce customer newsletters.  By working closely with our designer, Ruth was able to help produce a newsletter that communicated our key messages, and was enjoyable to read”.

Nigel Finney, CEO
savewater! Alliance