Copyediting & Proofreading Services

Copyediting and proofreading services for consistently clear, accurate and engaging content in all your marketing and business documents


Ideas and content need to flow freely when writing the first draft of a document.

And the chances are, once you sit back and admire your magnificent piece of prose, you’ve gone way over your word count or included lots of superfluous information in your eagerness to brain dump everything you know.

That’s why copyediting is so important. It cuts the noise, refines your writing and ensures it flows smoothly.Typewriter Story Writing

Whether it’s a marketing brochure, newsletter, feature article or annual report, our copyediting service will add value to all your documents making you proud of your work.


Proofreading is what you do once you’re happy with what you’ve written.

It’s the final stage of the editing process with the goal of catching (and correcting) errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

It gives you the opportunity to focus on the detail and systematically read through your content, line by line, paragraph by paragraph.

And because mistakes happen, a fresh pair of eyes, like ours, will catch anything you may have missed before going to print or hitting the send button.Proofread Clipboard Checklist Spelling Grammar Accuracy

We’ve seen a few embarrassing typos in our lifetime and these costly mistakes aren’t good for business.

Don’t undervalue the benefits that copy editing and proofreading can add to your marketing and business documents.

Head to our Contact page and fill in your details.  We’ll be in touch with a quote or give you a call to chat about how we can help.

Ruth edited content for a flyer promoting our services.  I needed the job done quickly as I had to get the flyer printed and present it to the Chairman within 2 days!  Ruth completed the job on time and at the price she quoted.  I’m really happy with the result and will be using Ruth’s services again as she is very efficient, good to deal with and reasonably priced.”

Yang Xi
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