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You’ve got a great looking website but you’re not getting a lot of action from it.

This could be because:-

a)     The content is poorly written and there are no clear calls to action
b)     The content is great but it isn’t optimised for search engines

If this is you, a) and b) need fixing. And we can help you with both.

The key is to write copy that has a specific call to action, is relevant to what the business does and optimised for search engines. The call to action is the straightforward bit. It could be anything from selling a product or service directly from the website, encouraging visitors to sign up to a newsletter or contacting the business by phone or email for further information.

Where many businesses fail online is not understanding what SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is about and how to use it on their website. And not understanding SEO means that your website won’t be properly optimised and therefore won’t be found by search engines.

Optimising your content means using keywords in your copy that accurately describe your products or services, making it easy for search engines to find your website based on search terms a user has entered. These keywords need to be placed strategically within the content and feature in your headings and main paragraphs on your page. They need to be used carefully in a way that fits in with the rest of the content so that the copy flows naturally and the keywords blend in easily. Overusing keywords not only devalues your content but could penalise your website.

The other important part of optimising content for search engines is the technical stuff that you don’t see on the screen called meta data. It is contained in the header part of the page and used by search engines to determine the relevance of the given page to the search request it is processing at any given time.

So, combining optimised on-page copy using targeted keywords that accurately describe your products and services WITH optimised meta data results in a great chance of your website ranking highly in search engines.

Sounds simple? It’s not rocket science but SEO copywriting does require skill in combining creative writing with a sound knowledge of meta data to create a website that looks and sounds good and will be ranked highly by search engines.

To find out more about how our SEO copywriting services can help your business get more action online, call Ruth on 0411 889283 or send a message on the Contact page.

I asked Ruth at Purple Chameleon Communications to do some work on my SEO to help my website get a high page ranking. She did a great job writing page titles, headers, etc for my website as well as edit copy to make sure I sound good. Less than two months after the changes were made, my website ranked on page one of Google and I am really happy! Ruth also produced a digital flyer promoting my real estate photography services and wrote content for an email promotion. She did an excellent job and I will use her services again and will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs her expertise

Dean Hales
Capture Property Marketing