We’ve finished your SEO copywriting project, what happens next?

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After we’ve completed an SEO copywriting project for a client, we don’t say “sayonara” and sail off into the sunset.  We lurk in the background and keep an eye on things, because our job isn’t really over.

As soon as a client’s website has gone live looking smart and sounding great, the work doesn’t stop there. The search engine friendly copy and meta tags will be doing their thing in the background and eventually, once the planets are aligned and with a fair wind blowing, the website will start to rank in the top few pages of search engines.

Whilst this is cause for celebration,  some of our clients are just too busy to keep track of their website’s ranking. So we do it for them. And when they’re on page one of Google, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll know about it.

Once your website has cracked page one, you can’t be complacent.  There’ll be lots of businesses not far behind you who are doing all the right things and could easily knock you off your perch.

How do you keep pole position? There are many things you can do:  keep your content fresh and up to date, maintain a blog,  create more backlinks, contine to promote your website in all your marketing collateral, remain active in social media, create a Google+ account and sign up to Google Places.

Reviewing keywords is also important to see if they are still ranking well and whether any tweaks will make a difference to the website’s search engine ranking. Google Adwords is one way to monitor keyword search volumes and keep track of any variations in keywords or phrases that could improve your ranking.

Even after a client’s website has achieved a high page ranking, they sometimes get carried away and make changes to content, without fully understanding the impact these changes could have on their site’s ranking.

Whilst doing it yourself is cheaper, it doesn’t cost much to ask your SEO Copywriter to have a look at your changes before they go live. We always encourage clients to contact us if they want to make any significant changes to their website so that they maintain quality content and minimise any impact changes may have on their search results.

We’ve achieved great results for many of our clients with our SEO copywriting services. If you need help with SEO copywriting, give us a call on 0411 889283 or send a message on our Contact page.

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