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Last month I completed a number of website reviews for businesses who responded to an MCEI offer. 

Of the 9 websites I looked at, 3 had good SEO, 2 had minimal SEO and the remaining 4 had no SEO at all.

The reviews covered the following areas:-

  • navigation, specifically how easy it is to move around the site and find information quickly and easily
  • page design, looking at layout, font, use of colour and images
  • on-page SEO: does the website contain the exact terms within the title, description (including keywords) and heading (h1) tags that people who are looking for your product or services would type into a search engine? 
  • google page ranking – does the site have a high ranking?  If the SEO isn’t right, there’s no chance of this happening
  • USP – does the website have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?  Is it easy to find out what the site is all about and what it is trying to do?
  • Target Market – is it obvious who the site is aimed at and is content written in a way that will appeal to this target market?
  • Links to a blog page and other social media – are these in place?  They are important to improve SEO and drive more traffic to your website
  • Opt-in box – is there the option for visitors to leave their details so that you can follow them up and engage in some relationship marketing?  Offering a free newsletter or other incentive from your website is a great way to do this.

Some of the websites I reviewed were created a few years ago and I think that many people presume that by simply owning a domain name, building a website and publishing it on the internet will result in people magically finding it, visiting it and buying in droves.  But that’s not the case. 

SEO is something that a business needs to be committed to for the long haul and even after a website has been built, continuous ongoing refinements are needed over time to ensure that the site is performing well and delivering on expectations.  

Maintaining a website and regularly reviewing its performance is not that hard to do and needn’t cost a fortune, as long as you shop around until you find the right person to do the job.

I’m doing a special offer this month which is valid until 31 May.  For the first five people who email me their details, I’ll do a website review covering the above areas at the special price of $99 – that’s a saving of over $140.  But you’d better get in quick as I expect these 5 places to be snapped up in no time!

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