Why feature article writing is good for the soul

Copywriting feature article writing

Being asked to write a feature article is a great opportunity to showcase your research and writing skills and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on a topic or issue that informs, educates, persuades or simply entertains your readers.

Most of my feature article writing experience has been for IHS Jane’s Airport Review, a niche publication aimed at people who work at airports or who supply products or services to the airport industry worldwide.

I’ve been writing feature articles for IHS Jane’s for many years and enjoy doing so because I love airports (and the thrill of travel!) and I love the challenge of writing about an industry that I’m not involved with on a day-to-day basis. You can read a few of my airport articles by clicking here (more recent articles to follow). I’ve also written fairly lengthy blog posts for Australia for Dolphins which you can read here as well as numerous informative blogs for my website.

To extend my writing expertise on topics that I feel truly passionate about, and to celebrate the start of a new financial year (well, why not?), I’ve put together a special offer for my freelance writing service, which is open to any Melbourne based charity or NFP.

The special offer is for me to research and write free of charge a 750 word feature article on a topic that relates to the work of the charity or NFP which that organisation can then use on their website or any of their marketing promotions.

The reason why my special offer is only available to a NFP or charity is because I’m passionate about giving back to organisations who
Volunteer Charity and Relief Work Donation Help Conceptprovide essential services and support to those in need, whether it’s for an animal welfare charity or a health support service. Many of these organisations operate with limited budget and resources and really benefit from the support and services that people like myself can offer.

The special offer works like this:- the first Melbourne based charity or NFP that sends a message via my Contact page before 31 July 2015, outlining the topic they’d like me to write for them will win a free 750 word feature article researched and written by myself.

If you know a worthy charity or NFP based in Melbourne that would benefit from the extra publicity that a feature article can bring, then please share this post and encourage them to apply.

Good luck! Remember, this offer is valid until 31 July 2015 and certain conditions apply.